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ESIC Delhi SSO Previous Question Papers Download Social SecurityOfficers

ESIC Delhi SSO Previous Question Papers Download Social Security Officers


77. The claim for maternity benefit in case of sickness arising out of miscarriage falls due on
(a)the date of issue of the medical certificate of such miscarriage or sickness. ANS
(b)on the day the insured person approaches the dispensary/hospital for treatment.

(c)From the date the insured person remains absent from duty due to sickness.

(d)Any of the above.

78. The authority which is to certify the eligibility of claimants in respect of maternity benefit is the appropriate _________________.
(c)Branch Office ANS
(d)Regional Office

79. Funeral Expenses are payable not later than _____ days after the claim complete in all respect is furnished to the appropriate office.
(a)15 ANS

80. In the case of the first payment in respect of Temporary Disablement Benefit, it is payable not later than _____ after the claim complete in all respect is furnished to the appropriate office.
(a)15 days
(b)21 days
(c)28 days
(d)One month ANS

81. Abstention Verification is done in ______.
(a)Form 9
(b)Form 10 ANS
(c)Form 11
(d)Form 12

82. Form 8 is issued as a _________.
(a)First Medical Certificate
(b)Intermediate Medical Certificate
(c)Final Medical Certificate
(d)Special Intermediate Certificate ANS

84. Notice of Accident is not required to be given if _________.
(a)the injury has occurred while coming on duty to the factory
(b)the injury has occurred while working in a factory.
(c)the injury is caused by occupational disease. ANS
(d)Notice is to be given for all of the above.

85. Any question whether the employment injury is caused by an occupation disease or not is decided by ___________.
(a)Medical Board
(b)Special Medical Board ANS
(c)Employees’ Insurance Court
(d)Insurance Medical Officer

86. Which of the following is not correct in respect of Special Medical Board?
(a)whether the disabled person is suffering from one or more of the occupational disease.

(b)Whether the relevant disease has resulted in permanent disablement.

(c)It cannot review its decision. ANS

(d)Whether the extent of loss of earning capacity can be assessed provisionally or finally.
87. An application for commutation of Permanent Disablement Benefit is to be made by an insured person within _____ months of the date on which he can opt for commutation.
(b)6 ANS

88. The claim for maternity benefit in respect of women, who dies leaving behind the child, can be made within _____ days of the date of death of the insured women.
(c)30 ANS

89. The value of benefits, other than cash payments improperly received by the insured person is determined by ________.
(a)Medical Board
(b)Special Medical Board
(c)Medical Commissioner, ESIC ANS
(d)Director General, ESIC

90. Under Regulation 107, Life Certificate is to be submitted by a person claiming __________.
(a)Dependant’s Benefit
(b)Permanent Disablement Benefit ANS
(c)Enhanced Sickness Benefit
(d)All of the above

91. Form 24 is for claiming __________.
(a)Dependant’s Benefit ANS
(b)Permanent Disablement Benefit
(c)Extended Sickness Benefit
(d)None of the above

92. Return of Declaration Form is to be sent in ________.
(a)Form 2
(b)Form 3 ANS
(c)Form 4
(d)Form 5

93. Claim for Sickness Benefit is to be submitted in __________.
(a)Form 8
(b)Form 9 ANS
(c)Form 10
(d)Form 11

94. Accident Report is to be sent by employer in _________.
(a)Form 9
(b)Form 10
(c)Form 11
(d)Form 12 ANS

95. Form 13 is for __________.
(a)Issue of Death Certificate ANS
(b)Claim for Permanent Disablement Benefit
(c)Accident Book
(d)Accident Report from employer

96. Life Certificate for Permanent Disablement Benefit is given in _____.
(a)Form 21
(b)Form 22
(c)Form 23 ANS
(d)Form 24

97. The member of the Standing Committee shall cease to be a member of the body if he fails to attend ______ consecutive meetings thereof.
(a)three ANS

98. Enhanced Sickness Benefit rate is _______ the Standard Benefit Rate.
(b)double ANS
(c)three times
(d)1.5 times

99. The additional casting vote in the Medical Benefit Council is with the _________.
(a)Director General, ESIC ANS
(b)Director General, Health Services
(c)Medical Commissioner, ESIC
(d)None of the above

100. The term of office of employer’s representatives in Local Committee is _____ years.


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